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Accelerated Mobile Pages: What Does It Intend To Provide?

product-review · December 02, 2019

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) is an initiative of Google that has become 3 years old now. The development in many sectors of AMP has slowed down with time and less popularity, however, the practices for applying it and using it for best results never change. AMP is as good as new in the current era, where user experience is given the topmost priority when ranking a website in SERP and leading business to increased profits.

Reasons Why Businesses Adapt to AMP

There are many reasons that can justify the use of AMP for business websites but the primary ones are:

1. Website loading speed is one of the important constraints of Google when ranking a page in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

2. Higher ranking can provide maximum visibility among potential customers and businesses can earn more profits.

3. User experience increases and it helps gain the user's trust in a business's operations.

What Exactly Is AMP?

Accelerated mobile pages are basically HTML code copies that are optimized from the existing webpage codes and can load faster than a normal webpage usually does. The websites use standard HTML5 documents while AMP is purely made copies of the code that has a three-step configuration policy.

Configuration Policy of AMP

Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) contain a three-step code configuration to optimize the loading speed of a webpage and deliver an excellent user experience.


An optimized mark up of traditional HTML code with fewer and unique tags that optimize overall page experience.


It fetches all the required resources efficiently and is used to eliminate unnecessary rendering of web pages.


It is used to cache the AMP pages and boost the loading speed by optimizing the loading time and resources of the webpage.

Should It be Used or Not?

In the world where mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular among businesses and customers alike, delivering results efficiently becomes important as the competition is increasing.

However, businesses are required to promote their business operations through websites also as it can promote the use of their app solutions. And hence, AMP plays a vital role in leading more customers towards your business. For example, a business running their marketplace business online and offering the best of their services through a uber for locksmiths app can also build a website that provides exact same functionalities and features and more information on the business's operations while they can also promote the use of the app through this website. 

AMP comes at rescue here as it eliminates the heavier images, unnecessary rendering, and more issues by providing excellent support for faster webpage loading experience and improves the user experience provided. Hence, if a business does not need to rely much on the analytics of traffic on the website can surely put it into effect while enabling the best of results from AMP.


Accelerated mobile pages have a long way to travel. The continuous development in this field leads to better and enhanced use of AMP that lead to the optimized loading time of a webpage and increased user convenience.

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