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Xamarin for Enterprise Apps: Facilities Offered and Benefits Earned

product-review · November 08, 2019

Cross-platform mobile app development has not been praised much lately. However, the technological changes are bringing newer tools and approaches that can perform better than before and provide excellent services at low costs. With the changing technical definitions, cross-platform app development has also updated and the easier integration of native features and leading tech giants investing in cross-platform technology drives towards a new app era where cross-platform apps rule the entire app market.

Xamarin: Ability to Deliver Enterprise-Grade Apps

Shaking off the old disadvantages, the use of Xamarin as a fully-fledged technical tool to develop enterprise apps is becoming popular in the market. Xamarin is one of the popular cross-platform technology that helps deliver applications that can work across all different platforms, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and more. The codebase of the app remains the same while only a few modifications can get you an app developed for different platforms that save development time.

Wearable Development

As wearables are becoming one of the most popular concepts around the town, the development in wearable technology is trending. With Microsoft acquiring the entire Xamarin and introducing C# as the programming language, the development has become easier than ever and hence now Xamarin supports wearable development too. 

Whether you are building a user-centric or an enterprise-level wearable app, Xamarin can help you out with every compatible wearable device and the app constructed can run on all respective platforms. After all, Xamarin is indeed a cross-platform mobile app development framework.

Code Sharing

To maximize productivity, Xamarin now facilitates more than 90% of code sharing across platforms. As stated earlier, the codebase for app solutions remains the same and with making only a few changes in the code, the developer can get the work completed. They can build app solutions like uber for car wash, food delivery and more across platforms using Xamarin.forms available to use and share a single codebase for the excellent solutions working across platforms.

Visual Studio Online

Microsoft and Xamarin have togetherly added a new feature where the online user of Visual Studio can build Android apps using Xamarin. Android on the website and later run tests on it. The mobile app solution developed by a developer online can pass through the testing phase by the online tests conducted on it. Developers are provided with the freedom of testing their developed solutions through multiple tests that also online and create work items accordingly. 

With the changing times of the development industry and the standards for mobile apps, Xamarin is becoming popular among developers because of its usability and the facilities being offered for developers. Not only Xamarin, but other cross-platform app development platforms are also evolving through time and are facilitating easier app development processes. 


The concepts of cross-platform app development are turning out to be beneficial for businesses. Developing an enterprise application becomes easier as the app developed her can run on any platform without needing to waste much time for platform-dedicated development and also it fits in the budget. While more and more businesses are turning towards choosing Xamarin as their primary development tool, benefits being offered by this platform drives much better outputs and provides excellent support for business growth.

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